About Me

Brenda Schaeffer, M.A.L.P., C.A.S., DMin

Brenda is an internationally known author, highly trained psychologist, professional consultant and accomplished speaker. With over 500,000 of her publications in print and in six languages, her best sellers, Is It Love or Is It Addiction?, Loving Me Loving You, Love’s Way,The Healthy Relationships Series,  and new release Love or Addiction? The Power and Peril of Teen Sex and Romance, show her gift of putting problems in street smart language and then giving practical advice on how to solve them.

Currently, Dr. Schaeffer is director of Healthy Relationships, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN where she conducts psychotherapy, training, workshops and media interviews. A Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of experience and a certified addictions specialist, she also holds a Doctor of Ministry.*  She believes that the highest goal a therapist can have for a client is to instill in them that solutions to their problems lie within them and to pass on tools to guide people to those answers.

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