Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mature and Immature Love Relationsips

Mature and Immature Love Relationships
Love and relationship are not one and the same.  Sometimes a love relationship feels loving and other times it feels bad and we do not understand why.  Though there are many reasons behind love feeling bad, it is helpful to start by noting differences between mature and immature love relationships of all kinds.  Here are some common signs of each.
Immature love
1.       Gives to get
2.       Fights  to be right
3.       Attempts to control
4.       Is judgmental and self righteous
5.       Is  mean or withholding
6.       Tries to change or fix others
7.       Competes for one up position
8.       Defends bad behaviors
9.       Growth is stunted
10.   Is insecure
Mature Love
1.       Gives without conditions
2.       Appreciative and kind
3.       Shares power
4.       Is flexible and open
5.       Supports individuality
6.       Resolves conflict sanely
7.       Safe to express feelings and needs
8.       Owns hurtful behaviors and makes amends
9.       Is green and growing
10.   Has a high level of trust