Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day: Saying I Love You without Breaking the Bank

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to love.  And as one first grade child was quoted as saying:  “Love is that thing in the room at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen”.  Yes, love is bigger than presents.  It is that “big something” we should be giving to loved ones all year long and get too busy to do.  So how can we acknowledge those we love on this special day? 
  • Start the day by going to your heart and think of people in your life you love.
  • Think of what about them you are grateful for.
  • Feel that gratitude.  That is an expression of love.
  • From that feeling of gratitude, call or email them and express your gratitude.
  • For those in your immediate life, make a special meal they would like, set the table, light the candles, put on the music, celebrate them.
  • Put work aside and offer your precious time doing something special of their choice.
  • Give them a hand made card.
And remember, giving is good for our health.  Research shows it improves the immune system, conquers depression, and just plain feels good!


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